Real Humans. Stories.

We’re image-weavers, fixers, and big dreamers. Fable is born of a love for the work, and mutual respect between talented practitioners. We choose to work together, every day, to elevate and amplify the critical stories of our clients.

We take on tough problems with a multi-disciplinary lens aimed at helping our clients stand tall and achieve their goals. We are not died-in-the-wool communicators, but creative thinkers who find satisfaction in helping others discern meaning and do meaningful things.

We're an agency that believes in creating agency—for our clients, for ourselves, and for the world.

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Amy Fable
Amy & Cosmic-5

Creative communications is the unifying thread of Amy’s career. Amy holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Utah, and brings her poetic sensibilities to bear on everything from content creation and design to big-picture strategy. Amy has produced digital and print media for national consumer, trade, and lifestyle publications, managed PR and digital marketing campaigns for businesses, nonprofits, and a top-secret (sorta) National Laboratory.  A serial entrepreneur at heart, Amy's passion is helping businesses and organizations develop holistic strategies to get to that next level.


Ben Fable

At the age of 12, Ben knew he wanted to be a religion teacher. He didn’t have the words at the time to describe it, but he was (and still is) obsessed with how people make meaning of the world and their place in it, and how our communal stories – the myths of old and new – shape how we view and interact with the world and each other. After twelve years working in the nonprofit sector, Ben’s role shifted to consulting nonprofits, businesses, and coalitions on how to do a better job to tell their stories and to win the day. He’s still holding out hope on being a religion teacher.



Shawna Brown

Shawna B. is a creative based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She enjoys creating physical & digital spaces that center Black joy, queer folx and healing. Her top favorite things include: whiteboarding big ideas, taking naps (shoutout to #thenapministry), researching, and spending time with Mama Earth.  


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Aryana Sherzai

A passionate advocate for environmental and social justice, Aryana strives to make important conversations around these topics more commonplace. She uses her degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara and her strong writing voice to support businesses and organizations that care about our future.


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Dan Majewski

Dan is a systems thinker and social entrepreneur who envisions a more equitable and accessible world. He is passionate about creating built environments and transportation systems that work for everyone, no matter their age or ability. Dan can often be found outside, exploring new places and re-exploring the familiar close to his home in the Rio Grande valley.


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Our Skills & Expertise

We're a team of big thinkers, strategists and doers. We've never fit inside the box and we promise not to cram your brand into one either. Boxes are the worst.

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a passion for cool projects and supporting organizations that seek to improve the world in one form or another. Our collective goal is to do good work, and support work that does good.

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